Daily Devotional 20 October 2021 | Trending But Damning, Beware (2)


Daily Devotional 20 October 2021

Daily Devotional 20 October 2021 | Message By The Prayer Portal

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TOPIC: Trending But Damning, Beware (2)

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Exodus 25:13-14; 1 Sam.6:1-7; 2 Sam.6:1-11; 1 Chron.13:1-12;15:1-2

KEY VERSE: Now therefore make a NEW CART, and take two Milch Kine, on which there hath come no yoke, and tie the Kine to the cart and bring their calves home from them. 1 Sam.6:7

MESSAGE: Every manufacturer places a high premium on the instruction manual. This explains why most products when packaged often have the manual at the top ( intentionally hiding the product) so that as soon as you open, you can read it before making use of your product.

God has never toiled with instructions vis a vis commandments. The ark was to be carried by Levites using staves placed through rings attached to the four corners of the ark. No one was to look into the ark. The consequences of neglecting these instructions was dead. ( Num.4:15 ). When in 2Sam.6:3-4 Uzzah rushed to hold the ark which was being driven on a new cart, from falling, he was stricken death. That the Philistines used a New Cart to carry the Ark did not in anyway alter God’s standard.

This modern approach of carrying the ark was a very subtle and seemingly harmless introduction but the Sovereignty of God over His commandments supersedes any human wisdom, invention or newest trend that everyone is complying with. It appeared the new pattern of carrying the ark that was now less burdensome was a breaking news worthy of emulation. Contrary, no new or modern approached that is not in tandem with God’s word can stand the test of times. It may be popular and trending but beware!

Kindly Note:

1. Uzzah died in the process of touching the ark because he failed to give heed to God’s instructions.

2. God does not lower His standards because certain people are involved or because so many people are not doing His will.

3. We are under Biblical instructions to obey His commandments despite the public opinion of the majority. Prov. 14:12; 2 Tim.3:16,

4. Sincerity of heart, zeal, popular opinion etc can never convert disobedience to obedience. 1 Sam. 15:1-9.

5. Time and tide, seasons and reasons can never nullify or change God’s command. The time span between Exo.25 and 1Sam.6 is over 300 years but the instructions were still very real and fresh in the realm of the spirit. The ideology of ” that was then and not in our time” falls below scriptural validation. Heb.13:8

BE W A R E !

2 Tim.1:13-14; Rev.2:25

No doubt, ours is a flamboyant generation with increase in almost all sectors of life. Wisdom, reasoning, technology, etc seem to exalt creature more than the creator ( Roms 1:24-25). But we must be resilient and resolute to hold unto the undying and never fading word.

1. Homes today are drowning as technological tools keep everyone including the two year old very busy at the expense of God’s word that should flourish. Deut.6:6-9; Prov.22:6

2. The strange dress code of boys sagging their trousers and young ladies insisting on wearing transparent and very tight clothes that clearly carve out their body structure showing all the contours as a trending fashion or what is in vogue etc are all inspired by Satan and packaged by the devil to lure many into immorality. Prov. 7:10

3. The alluring coloration of our music together with the lyrics that neither glorify God nor lift up the souls of worshippers remain a sad development in christiandom. Where are those that can compose hymns that touch the hearts of humanity? It is a mystery that our generation appears to be bereaved of almost every spiritual essence.

4. The strange hair styles standing like charged electric poles, m”dada” that is no longer combed, tattoos on the body that openly fight against the creator, extension eyelashes that blink uncontrollably, painting of faces to reflect Colour of clothes worn etc are tempting signs and trending styles that completely negate God’s word. Decency is our christian culture.

5. The high level of moral decadence in our campuses, alarming rate of cult activities, drug addiction etc have seen promising children drop out while others simply graduated with their babies as certificates attesting to their stupendous sexual skills and high affinity for immorality.

6. Skimpy dress style, Bikini wears, sleeveless tops carefully sewn with enough allowance for the breast to pop out to the public view, topless wedding gowns are all popular in our streets.

7. The influx of lesbianism, homosexuality, bestiality, legalization of same sex marriage strangely receiving the applause and backing of church elites, divorce system being accepted as a normal way of life etc are all highway illicit trends that have damned many and increased societal decadence.

God bless You.

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