Prophetic Declaration for Today 21 October 2021


Prophetic Declaration for Today 19 October 2021
Prophetic Declaration for Today 21 October 2021

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1. I am a word curator. My words are intentional and powerful. When I speak, I speak as God does and bring into being the things I desire. Therefore, before I speak, I exercise the mind of Christ in me, and carefully identify, select, and frame in my mind words that benefit me and those around me. My life is a work of art, and my success is guaranteed.

2. I love everybody because love is my nature. I do not speak evil of anyone because I refuse to relinquish my power or my peace. No matter what negative words are spoken about me, I will not respond in kind. I refuse to be troubled by the words or actions of others. I choose to live in peace because peace is my inheritance.

3. Every danger that I am facing, I am winning that battle in the Name of Jesus! Nobody will dethrone me from where God has put me. I can never be demoted. I continue to rise, and nobody can remove me from what He has raised me to be.

4. I function from a place of illumination. My understanding is enlightened, causing me to have perfect comprehension, retention, and recollection. I am infused with light, and the life and energy of God are permeating every cell, displacing sickness and disease from my physical body. Hallelujah!

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