Prophetic Declaration for Today 22 October 2021


Prophetic Declarations
Prophetic Declaration for Today 22 October 2021

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It is God’s will for me to be rich, not only in revelation but also in money and financial assets. I am an heir of God and jointheir with Christ. I am born into the wealthiest family on Earth, and prosperity is my birthright. Therefore, I have and maintain the consciousness of sufficiency and superabundance. All the wealth in this world belongs to me!

I am a citizen of Zion, born again with the God-kind of life. The law of sin and death is null and void in my life. Therefore, I am not susceptible to sickness and disease, failure, or poverty. The Law of the Spirit of Life is at work in my members and in my mind, in the Name of Jesus.

Things are changing in my life right now. I am making the Word of God come to fruition, and I decree and declare life to every dead situation.

I am a Word practitioner. I not only hear the Word, but I go beyond hearing to act upon what I have heard. Faith is my lifestyle. I am endowed with dynamic power to cause changes and overcome any circumstance of life.

Longevity is mine, in the Name of Jesus. I will not die. The Spirit of God chases every destroyer aimed at destroying me. Every giant that stands in my way is dispersed right now. Any enemy – whether it be financial, sickness, or anything that seeks to stand in the way of my progress – is removed right now in the Name of Jesus!

God bless you as you believe what you have decreed.

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