Bible Study | Gaining Control over Your Emotions


Bible Study | Gaining Control over Your Emotions
Bible Study | Gaining Control over Your Emotions By Creflo Dollar Ministries

Scripture References:
3 John 1:2
• 3 John 1:2, AMPC
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Historically, the church has devoted plenty of attention to spiritual things, but very little attention to emotions. We all have feelings; therefore, it makes sense to talk about them and learn how to deal with them. Real power and success come from the ability to remain in emotional control. That is where the devil focuses his attacks; when we’re aware of the enemy’s tactics, we can be on guard against his efforts in this area.

1. Our success and prosperity in life is based on how successful we are in our souls; our souls are our minds, wills, and emotions. Our feelings can either bring us success or failure. God doesn’t want our emotions to take charge and move us in a direction away from His will for us. We can control our emotions.

2. Even Jesus had emotions, but He refused to let them master Him. Jesus maintained control over His emotions; we have the same authority. Never once did Jesus allow His feelings to lead Him to sin.

3. The right emotions bring us peace of mind and enhance our lives; this is God’s will. Negative emotions aren’t His will for us; He isn’t behind these kinds of feelings. We must choose whether or not to allow the Word of God to dominate our emotions.

4. We can choose our emotional response; dominating our emotions puts us in control. We need to accept accountability for our emotions; we can’t blame a lack of emotional control on God or the devil.

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