In Touch Daily Devotional 26 November 2021 | A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving


In Touch Daily Devotion 26 November 2021
In Touch Daily Devotional 26 November 2021 | By Dr. Charles Stanley | Friday Message

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Topic: A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 50

At first glance, the words sacrifice and thanksgiving seem unrelated, but today’s reading combines them in one phrase. Sacrifice brings to mind images of costly service, whereas thanksgiving conveys a joyous celebration of overflowing abundance and blessings.

Most of us wouldn’t consider our words a sacrifice, since they don’t cost much to say. But it matters to God when we offer prayers and songs of praise to acknowledge His blessings. What He sees as especially valuable is a godly life given wholly to Him—this is not about perfection but about a heart surrendered to His will and purpose.

Tithing is another expression of thankfulness that is costly. Since the Lord is the source of all provision and wealth, our grateful response should be to give Him a portion of what He has given us. Generosity is a good barometer of the authenticity of our gratitude.

Offering thanks to God begins with words, but like children who grow in appreciation as they mature, we should be growing in expressions of gratitude to the Lord. Give Him your whole life as a sacrifice of thanksgiving—you’ll experience amazing benefits because you can never outgive God.

Thought for the Day: The best way to begin cultivating a thankful heart is by using words.

Bible in One Year: Romans 14-16

In Touch Daily Devotional 26 November 2021 By Dr. Charles Stanley. He is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta and founder of In Touch Ministries, both located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Stanley’s heart’s desire is to get the gospel to “as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, as clearly as possible, as irresistibly as possible, through the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God

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