Our Daily Bread Today 27 November 2021 Devotional | Bold Faith


Our Daily Bread Devotional 27th November 2021

Our Daily Bread Today 27 November 2021 Devotional Message By Arthur Jackson (Our Daily Bread Ministries)

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Topic: Bold Faith

Today’s Scripture: Acts 4:8–13(NIV)

Key Verse: Salvation is found in no one else. – Acts 4:12

Bible in a Year: Ezekiel 30–32;1 Peter 4

Today’s Insight: The word translated “unschooled” in Acts 4:13 is unique in the New Testament and is used only in this verse. In the original language, the word means “without letters, illiterate, without learning.” Peter and John were perceived by the religious leaders as being “unversed in the learning of the Jewish schools” (Greek dictionary). They were also referred to as “ordinary men,” a reference to a private person, one without the kind of knowledge or education that would be useful in the public square. In the minds of the religious elite, the apostles were “regular Joes.” But what they did possess—the empowerment of the Holy Spirit (v. 8)—more than compensated for their lack of formal religious training or sophistication. The Spirit continues to fill and embolden believers in Jesus today to proclaim His death and resurrection—even to those who reject Him (v. 11).

Our Daily Bread Today 27 November 2021 Devotional Message

After Prem Pradhan’s (1924–1998) plane was shot down during World War II, he was wounded while parachuting to safety. As a result, he walked with a limp for the rest of his life. He once noted, “I have a lame leg. Isn’t it strange of God that He called [me] to preach the gospel in the Himalaya Mountains?” And preach in Nepal he did—but not without opposition that included imprisonment in “dungeons of death” where prisoners faced extreme conditions. In a span of fifteen years, Prem spent ten years in fourteen different prisons. His bold witness, however, bore the fruit of changed lives for Christ that included guards and prisoners who took the message of Jesus to their own people.

The apostle Peter faced opposition due to his faith in Jesus and for being used by God to heal a “man who was lame” (Acts 4:9). But he used the opportunity to boldly speak for Christ (vv. 8–13).

Today, like Peter, we too may face opposition (v. 3), yet we have family members, co-workers, fellow students, and others we know who desperately need to hear about the One in whom “salvation is found” (v. 12), who died as payment for our sins and was raised from the dead as proof of His power to forgive (v. 10). May they hear as we prayerfully and boldly proclaim this good news of salvation found in Jesus.

Reflect: How will you boldly share Jesus today? What keeps you from telling others about Him? How can you be better prepared to do so?

Pray: Father, thank You for what You’ve done for me. Help me, in Jesus’ name, to boldly share my faith with others.

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