Daily Bible Verse for the Day 18 December 2021 | John 7:31


Daily Bible Verse for the Day 18 December 2021
Daily Bible Verse for the Day 18 December 2021 | John 7:31 | The Power Of Worship

TODAY’S BIBLE VERSE: “Still, many in the crowd believed in Him. They said, ‘When the Messiah comes, will he perform more signs than this man?’”John 7:31, NIV

Daily Bible Verse for the Day 18 December 2021 Message

Standing alongside hundreds of arms raised up and voices tuned to the same praise is a powerful way to experience God’s presence. It moves my faith forward. It’s a contagious crowd. The Voice paraphrase of John 7:31 emphatically states, “In the crowd, there were many in whom faith was taking hold.” A hope renewed, courage strengthened, and spirit lifted, by “a large number of persons gathered closely together.”

A large number in which He promises to be present when gathered in His Name.

Life sometimes throws the ball up in the air, leaving us to stare at the clouds wondering where it went. Like a helium-filled balloon, it seems to float hopelessly out of sight. Out of our reach. Into the clouds.

There are seasons of life that don’t have solutions. At least, not any easy ones. So we cope, mourn, misunderstand and lift frustrated fists in the air … or pound them against walls.

We all break down.

We can walk toward the echoing sound of our thoughts. Seek out opinions that we want to hear and solutions we feel like pursuing. We can isolate ourselves, and let our thoughts drive us into the blank frozen space of wasted time.

Or, we can walk into a crowd that will steer us into position to catch the ball when it falls back down from the clouds. There is faith in that crowd.  He is there. Faith that can take hold of us, guide us, hug us, love on us, and remind us who threw the ball up in the first place …and who holds the game plan. The good plan …for our lives.

In the space that life often leaves between here and a possible there …grip His hand.

It’s the one with the scar …from the nail that held it to the cross …the hand that sacrificed life for all of ours.

Jesus came to save us from the space that threatens to carry us away.

Father, we praise You for Jesus, and the way He so gracefully guides us back to Your will for our lives time and again. Thank You for His gentle guidance and Your forgiving grace. Forgive us for trying to force the ball down, instead of waiting. We’re bad at being patient, Father. Help us. Send Your Spirit to strengthen that gift.

 In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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