Morning and Evening Prayer 4th March 2022 || Friday Prayers


Morning and Evening Prayer 4th March 2022
Morning and Evening Prayer 4th March 2022 || Friday Prayers

Morning Prayer

O Jesus, our Savior, You alone can give us life. You came into this world that we might have life, abundant life. Fill us with life as we go out for this new day. We shall have need of it at every step. We shall have . . .
burdens to carry,
and battles to fight,
and trials to endure,
and duties to perform.

Give us life, abundant life, to prepare us for all these experiences, that we fail not today.

We must represent You in the world. You have said that as the Father sent You into the world — so You have sent us. We can do nothing, but as we receive life and wisdom from You. We wait at Your feet this morning, praying You to put rich grace into our souls. May we be like trees planted by the rivers of water, bearing fruit in their season. May the fruits of righteousness be in our lives. May the fruits of the Spirit abound in us. May we be to the world like rich trees, planted and nourished by You, from whose branches there shall fall much fruit to feed men’s hungers.

We cannot know what the day will have for us. We do not ask to know. We would rather walk in the dark with You — than go alone, choosing our own way. We would rather walk with You by faith — than go alone by sight. So we put ourselves into Your hand for guidance and safe keeping.

You will make no mistake in leading us. No path into which You will take us, can be a wrong path. Lead us, O Jesus, for You know the way through this bewildering world. You have traversed the paths Yourself, O Jesus, and You found the way home. Lead us home, too, dear Master, to be with You forever. We ask in Your own name. Amen.

Morning and Evening Prayer 4th March 2022 || Friday Prayers

Evening Prayer

O God, our Father, we hunger for more life. We have gone through this day longing for life, and yet how little life we have had! Our souls have seemed empty of You. Our hearts have been crying out for more and more life. Reveal Yourself to us. Bring us into closer and closer personal friendship with Jesus.

This is what we crave — friendship with Jesus. It is not enough for us to know Jesus as our Savior and as our Lord; we long to come into deeper and yet deeper personal friendship with Him.

Show us how to have more of Jesus in us. Whatever hinders our admitting Him into our hearts, help us to find and cast out, that Jesus may receive glad welcome to our deepest affection.

Bless to us the experiences of this day. May they all work for our good. Some things have not gone according to our mind. We hoped for things we did not get. Help us to know that Your way is better than ours, and help us to give up our way for Your, cheerfully. If we are not altogether submissive, forgive us, and teach us how good it is to take our Father’s way.

We pray for Your church. It is in many fragments; we pray that soon Your people may be one. Bring Christians nearer together in love, and faith, and life. While there is separation, may You overrule all divisions for good. May hearts be drawn together, and thus may Your people become one in spirit and effort.

Save Your true disciples everywhere from sectarianism and from all that fosters differences. May Your Holy Spirit be given in such measure, that all denominational lines may melt away. Hear us in our prayer tonight, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Morning and Evening Prayer 4th March 2022 || Friday Prayers

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