Joseph Prince 29 March 2022 Devotional | Build a Shield of Faith


Joseph Prince 20 March 2022 Devotional
Joseph Prince 29 March 2022 Devotional | Tuesday Message

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Topic: Build a Shield of Faith

Scripture: Every word of God is tried and purified; He is a shield to those who trust and take refuge in Him. Proverbs 30:5, AMPC

Joseph Prince 29 March 2022 Devotional MESSAGE

Actively fill yourself up with the promises of God’s protection. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ (see Rom. 10:17 NASB).

What are you hearing today? The word of the world? The word of Wall Street? Or the word of Christ?

I want to encourage you today to build a shield of faith around your family. Listen, believe, speak. Would you say it with me? Listen, believe, speak. Listen to Christ-centered messages, believe the Word of God, and speak out loud the promises you want to see in your life.

I believe that the Lord wants to seal this truth in your life today. Say this out loud with me right now:

Lord Jesus, You are our family’s refuge, our fortress, our God—in You we trust. We don’t trust in our own wisdom, our own limited intelligence, and our own abilities. We trust in You. We trust in Your grace and Your love for us.

We trust You to keep us in Your divine health and strength all the days of our lives. We trust You to keep us from terror, from fear, from dangers, from disease, and from accidents. In You we trust. Amen.

This devotional is adapted from The Prayer of Protection Devotional. Find out more about the book here.

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