Kenneth Copeland 18 June 2022 Devotional – Discover What Grace Can Do


Kenneth Copeland 18 June 2022
Kenneth Copeland 18 June 2022 Devotional | From Faith to Faith—Daily Devotional By Kenneth Copeland 

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TOPIC: Discover What Grace Can Do

And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all. – Acts 4:33

Kenneth Copeland 18 June 2022 Devotional MESSAGE

Most of us don’t have any idea what grace really is. Oh, we know some basic facts about it. We know we were saved by it (Ephesians 2:8). But we don’t even begin to understand the real power it can release in our lives now, today!

If you want to get a picture of what grace can really do, look at what happened to the early Christians in Acts 4. They’d been threatened by the religious leaders of Jerusalem and commanded not to speak or teach anymore in Jesus’ Name. So, they were praying about the situation.

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Roughly, what they said was this, “Now Lord, we’ve been threatened, but we aren’t about to quit preaching and go hide out under some religious rug. Just turn the power up, give us boldness, and we’ll go on.”

Do you know what happened as a result of that prayer? Verse 33 tells us, “Great grace was upon them all.”

Great grace. Grace so powerful that when those believers received it, the whole building shook. Grace so great it enabled the apostles to work “many signs and wonders…among the people” (Acts 5:12).

That one story alone should be enough to convince you that grace is not just some abstract, spiritual state of mind. Grace is real. It’s powerful. It provides the supernatural power to make things happen!

Kenneth Copeland 18 June 2022 Devotional (Faith To Faith Daily Devotional)

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Now, do you want to know something really exciting? The Bible says that same grace that was available to the early Church in Jerusalem is available to anyone who’s ever sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Thank God, that means you and I qualify!

If the devil’s been threatening you lately, follow the example of those early Christians. Get in prayer and say, “Lord, I don’t care what the devil and his bunch say, I’m not going to back down. I’m going to keep on talking and living by faith—and I’m going to do it boldly. So, just turn up the power!”

I guarantee, if you’re sincere about it, He’ll do it; and you’ll begin to discover what grace is really all about.

Acts 4:8-33

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