Rhapsody of Realities

Rhapsody of Realities 20 September 2022 – Praise Is The Highest Worship

Rhapsody of Realities 20 September 2022
Rhapsody of Realities 20 September 2022 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy)

Rhapsody of Realities 20 September 2022 (Tuesday)


TOPIC: Praise Is The Highest Worship

SCRIPTURE: I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth… (Psalm 138:2).

Rhapsody of Realities 20 September 2022 MESSAGE

Oftentimes, people like to distinguish between praise and worship because they think they have major differences. But not really; praise is worship. Praise is one of the things you do when you worship God. In fact, it’s the highest part of worship. The simple difference between them is that worship includes other things you do for the Lord. For example, your service to God is an act of worship.

Once you clearly understand praise as the highest part of worship, you’ll realize how important it is in your relationship with God. The Bible says, “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 2:5).

The Church is a holy priesthood assigned to offer up spiritual sacrifices to God, and there are different kinds of sacrifices. An example is when you give up something valuable for God or you volunteer your time through missionary activities. But the highest sacrifices are the sacrifices of praise.

The Bible says, “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name” (Hebrews 13:15). Notice that it says we’re to offer our sacrifice of praise to God continually, not just once in a while. This shows just how important it is. Paul describes it as the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His Name.

David made a similar reference in Psalm 69:30-31. He said, “I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving. This also shall please the Lord better than an ox or bullock that hath horns and hoofs.” Did you see that? He said, “I will magnify him with thanksgiving.”

The next verse lets us know that carrying out this act of praise to God is a massive testimony; it says, “The humble shall see this, and be glad…” (Psalm 69:32). Even now, give thanks to the Lord. Praise Him lavishly from your heart; think of something you want to thank Him for and then go ahead to praise Him profusely.

Dear Father, thank you for your glorious presence in my life. You’ve ordained all things to work together for my good, and my heart continually overflows with thanks and praise because this is your will in Christ Jesus concerning me. I’m triumphant in all situations and circumstances of life; and for this I praise you, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Psalm 106:1; Psalm 145:21; Psalm 147:7

Galatians 4:21-31; Galatians 5:1-15; Isaiah 3-5

1 Timothy 5:1-10; Jeremiah 38

Rhapsody of Realities 20 September 2022 (Tuesday) Message. Rhapsody of Realities By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome remains a life-guide with rich and impactful teachings from God’s Word. Millions of copies of Rhapsody of Realities, the best-selling daily devotional and Bible study guide have been distributed in 242 countries in 2010 languages of the world… and we’re still counting. Rhapsody of Realities 20 September 2022

Salvation Prayer

Have you ever made Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life?

If not, pray this prayer and start a new life in Christ.

Dear God, I come to You in the Name of Jesus. I admit that I am not right with You, and I want to be right with You. I ask You to forgive me of all my sins. The Bible says if I confess with my mouth that “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved (Rom. 10:9). I believe with my heart and I confess with my mouth that Jesus is the Lord and Savior of my life. Thank You for saving me! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer for the first time, we would like to know.  Click here to send us an e-mail or share your testimony.

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