Morning Prayers And Evening Prayers for 1st October 2022


Morning Prayers And Evening Prayers for 1st October 2022
Morning Prayers And Evening Prayers for 1st October 2022

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. Ephesians 6:18, NLT

Below are Morning Prayers And Evening Prayers for 1st October 2022

O God, our heavenly Father, we bless You for the revealing of Your love which You have given us in Jesus Christ. He has taught us to call You our Father, telling us . . .
that You love us with all a father’s tender affection,
that Your care for us is constant, and
that we have all the privileges of children in Your family.

Help us also to be Your faithful children — obedient, trustful, loyal, and true.

We thank You, our Father, for the goodness and mercy of the past night, and for all Your kindness toward us. Give us true gratitude that we may never fail to recognize Your hand in the favors we receive. May Your goodness ever lead us to greater carefulness in living, that we may never grieve You by sin or by unbelief. Help us to keep our hearts ever open to the gentlest influences of Your love.

We would remember before You, all the interests of Your church. Bless all those who have confessed Your name, and give them grace to be true and faithful to You in all their ways. May Your people be led . . .
into holier living,
into deeper experiences of Your love,
into intenser earnestness in Your service,
into fuller consecration.

Give Your church greater power and influence in the world.

We desire that our own household life may become more and more imbued with Your grace. Whatever is not according to Your will, may You help us to bring into full accord. May we be brought very close together in true affection. May we live together sweetly, patiently, unselfishly, and helpfully — so that Jesus would not hesitate to be a guest in our home. We ask all these favors and mercies in Jesus Christ’s precious name. Amen.

Morning Prayers And Evening Prayers for 1st October 2022

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O God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Father, we draw near to You with love and faith, at this eventide. Graciously pardon all our sins, which are many — and give us Your peace. We are Yours, Your own children — and we owe to You the best honor, obedience, and service which it is possible for us to render. Help us to fulfill our obligations and to meet our responsibilities.

We thank You for Your goodness to us this past week. You have showered Your blessings upon us with a most bountiful hand. You have given us favors of many kinds. Some of Your gifts have come to us in strange form — in trials, in burdens, in disappointments, in losses.

Still we know that they are Your gifts, and as such have in them good and blessing for our lives. Give us grace to accept whatever You send to us, knowing that Your love can never give us anything but kindness. Even if the cup is bitter — may we be enabled to accept it.

We yearn for deeper, richer blessing upon our household. We would grow more like our Savior. May our home life be such that we shall find in it always sanctifying influences. May our tender human affections enlarge our hearts so that we shall love You more. May we learn to live together patiently, thoughtfully, unselfishly, doing each other good and never evil.

Come and be our guest, O You who were a guest in the old Bethany home, bearing there so much comfort, so much love — blessing the little home so deeply. Come and be our guest and bring to our home, all that you took to that old-time home. Bless us everyone with present and eternal blessings. We ask in Your precious name. Amen.

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