David Jeremiah Devotional 19th October 2022


David Jeremiah Devotional 19th October 2022
David Jeremiah Devotional 19th October 2022 | Wednesday Turning Point Message By Dr. David Jeremiah. 

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TOPIC: Do No Harm

Love does no ham to a neighbor, therefore love is the fulfilment of the law.
Romans 13:10

Recommended Reading: Matthew 22:34-40

David Jeremiah Devotional 19th October 2022 MESSAGE

From Moses to Jesus to Paul-the thread of love runs through Scripture Moses’ Ten Commandments were about loving God (the first four commandments) and loving others (the remaining six commandments) (Exodus 20:1-7). When asked what was the greatest commandment, Jesus said to love God.

The second? Love others (Matthew 22:34-40). And in his instructions on personal relationships, Paul said there was one way to fulfill the law: love our neighbor as we love ourselves (Romans 13:10).

It is fascinating to consider that something as complex as the Old Testament law can be summarized in one simple word: love. Paul affirmed Moses (Leviticus 19:18) and Jesus’ (Matthew
19:19) measure for how to love others: as we love ourselves (Romans 13:9). Paul reminds us that no right-thinking person would harm himself. Therefore, we must love others the same way-by doing no harm. Long before doctors were taught to do no harm, Christians were taught to do no harm toa neighbor.

If we hurt or harm another person by word or by deed, we have not loved that person. Purpose today to love all others as you love yourself.

If my heart is right with God, every human being is my neighbor. – Oswald Chambers

Read-Thru-The-Bible: Mark 14

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