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Bible Study: Rekindle Your First Love (Pt. 2)

Bible Study: Rekindle Your First Love (Pt. 2)

Bible Study: Rekindle Your First Love (Pt. 2)

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Opening Prayer: Open my eyes Oh Lord, that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy Word in Jesus name, I pray Amen!

TOPIC: Peter: An Apostle of Love with Great Inspiration (1)

BIBLE READING: Songs of Solomon 8:6-7; John 6:67-69; 18:10.

KEY VERSE: “Let love be without dissimulation” Rom. 12:9.

We all have our different inclinations, aspirations and desires that beacon on us thus informing or directing the next line of action. In all, love is transparent, naked and seeks not its own but others for in others its own naturally comes.
We shall look at the man Peter under the following subheadings:

The Call
The Courage, Care and Charisma
The Crisis and
The Confidence.

The phrase FOLLOW ME is a love statement that can be interpreted in diverse ways. It could be seen by a young aspiring woman from a man as an invitation to that will end all her years of suffering and tears in life and make full provision for her needs, her existence and bear all her burdens. To a man it could mean an end to daily toiling on what profits minimally, an elevation to greater heights etc.

However, when the statement “AND I WILL MAKE YOU FISHERS OF MEN” is added, it calls for great searching of hearts. Fishers of men! Are we to start selling men in order to make money to earn a living? There was no previous clue to what it means to be a fisher of men! But LOVE that casteth out fear, apprehension and dispels all notions propelled Peter, a professional fisher of fish, an old man with a family and one who has lived all his live in the fishing business, neither entertained fear nor asked questions on the job description and his salary scale or grade level. He left all, mortgaged the future and risked the source of his livelihood not even considering his family nor the defendants under him at the expense of love in following Jesus. First love is addictive, preferring others than self. No man that abandons all for the sake of Christ can ever be stranded.

Today, we seek for clarification over doctrinal issues that are so crystal clear in the scriptures: a clear sign of the lack of first love. True love follows with confidence without questioning or entertaining fear. How else can we equate FOLLOW ME and he ABANDONED ALL without seeking for explanation? Genuine love without bounds.

Throughout the three and a half years of Jesus’ ministry, Peter demonstrated an impeccable degree of love embedded in courage, care and charismatic lifestyle. At critical times, Peter had to deploy his physical ability to rise to the defense of the Master even though he was rebuked at certain times. He was always there ready to shield and speak in view of Jesus’ safety. This sterling quality of love fast tracked his growth in Ministry to become one of the inner caucus members “Board of Trustees” in. Jesus’ Ministry. This gave him the privilege to hear and see what some of the. Disciples were not privy to.

The famous statement, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matt 16:18 was sufficient enough to cause a rumbling among the apostles but Jesus was never perturbed nor bothered on what others will say. This was indeed an investiture conferred on a man whose bowels had no limitation of love. His curiosity without argument (Matt 18:21-22), followership without reservation (John 6:68) and the ability to rise to the defense of his Master even when he was rebuked (John 18:10) are hallmarks of love at its peak. How much of GOD DO YOU REALLY LOVE?

Thank you and God bless you for joining Today’s Bible Study Series; Rekindle Your First Love (Pt. 2)

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