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Each brand new day, get a prophetic declarations for life from the Prayer Portal and claim with faith. There is power in a spoken WORD. There is nothing to be argued that God is powerful. The scriptures and the works of his hand have proven to us that He is. The power of God is wielded through the word of His mouth. Whenever God wants to do a thing, He speaks. His word says, “He commanded and they were created, He spoke and it stood fast. Let them praise the name of the LORD, For He commanded and they were created”. (Psalms 148.5). God rides on prophetic declarations to perform His works. The greatest blessing and authority God has given humanity is the words of our mouths. Through them, we can create our desired experience. Whatever you want to see happen must be declared through your mouth. There is no impossible mountain that cannot be moved when we make specific prophetic declaration into it.