UCB Word For Today

UCB Word for Today – Changing Lives for Good by the Power of God’s Word

Read UCB Word for Today for your spiritual growth. It is a powerful daily devotional for every christian who wants to deepen his relationship with God.

UCB’s Vision Statement
United Christian Broadcasters is a Christian media charity that exists to offer every person, in every place, every moment of the day, the opportunity to hear, watch or read the Word of God in a relevant and engaging way.

Biblical integrity is the foundation stone of our organisation

We are committed to building unity through teamwork

Individual Worth:
Each contributor to the work of UCB is significant, both to God and to our organisation

We seek to utilise our resources as effectively and efficiently as possible

We accept our accountability to provide public benefit

We are committed to quality through continuous improvement in all that we do

We endeavour to make every encounter with UCB a positive, uplifting and encouraging experience

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