David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 15 July 2022 | We Cannot Withhold It


David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 15 July 2022
David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 15 July 2022 For Friday | Turning Point Message By Dr. David Jeremiah 

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TOPIC: We Cannot Withhold It

SCRIPTURE: And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
Matthew 6:12


David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 15 July 2022 MESSAGE

The Bible is full of people who learned to forgive. Esau forgave Jacob, and Joseph forgave the brothers who sold him into slavery. Job forgave the friends who ill advised him, and Hosea forgave the wife who betrayed him. The prodigal’s father in Luke 15 is a model of forgiveness, and Stephen forgave those who stoned him to death. Paul forgave John Mark, who had deserted him, and Philemon forgave Onesimus.

Whom can you forgive?

Our ability to forgive others is proportional to our understanding of how God has forgiven us. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, “Whenever I see myself before God and realize something of what my blessed Lord has done for me at Calvary, I am ready to forgive anybody anything. I cannot withhold it. I do not even want to withhold it.”

When we forgive someone who hurt us, it not only follows Christ’s example, but it also brings healing to our own souls. The Lord alone can give us forgiving hearts, and when He does, we cannot withhold forgiveness.

The degree to which I am able and willing to forgive others is a clear indication of the extent to which I have personally experienced God my Father’s forgiveness for me.
Phillip Keller


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