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In Touch Daily Devotions 11 May 2022 By Dr. Charles Stanley


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In Touch Daily Devotions 11 May 2022, Wednesday Message |
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TOPIC: When We Feel Helpless

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: 2 Chronicles 20:1-4

Now it came about after this that the sons of Moab and the sons of Ammon, together with some of the Meunites, came to make war against Jehoshaphat.

Then some came and reported to Jehoshaphat, saying, “A great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea, out of Aram and behold, they are in Hazazon-tamar (that is Engedi).”

Jehoshaphat was afraid and turned his attention to seek the LORD, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah.

So Judah gathered together to seek help from the LORD; they even came from all the cities of Judah to seek the LORD.

In Touch Daily Devotions 11 May 2022 MESSAGE

Have you ever felt totally helpless? Can you remember facing a situation or emergency in which you were powerless? It’s a sobering experience for anyone. Even people who claim to be wholly dependent on God still like to feel as if they have some control over their circumstances.

Jehoshaphat faced a moment like that when news came that three different armies had joined forces to destroy Israel. He was afraid because the enemies were great in number. What’s more, he remembered being in grave danger the last time he was on the battlefield (1 Kings 22:29-33). But now, in this moment of helplessness, Jehoshaphat also knew there was only One who could help—the Lord God.

Despite his fear, Jehoshaphat neither ran away nor charged into battle; rather, he “turned his attention to seek the Lord” (2 Chron. 20:3). He also called on others to pray. And seeking God in a seemingly hopeless situation changed the attitude of the entire nation.

When circumstances make you feel afraid and out of control, turn your attention away from the problem and onto our mighty God. It takes faith to reject self-sufficiency, but the Lord honors those who depend on Him.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 2 Chronicles 1-4

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: No matter how helpless we feel in a situation, God is sufficient.

In Touch Daily Devotions 11 May 2022 Message. He is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta and founder of In Touch Ministries, both located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Stanley’s heart’s desire is to get the gospel to “as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, as clearly as possible, as irresistibly as possible, through the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God. In Touch Daily Devotions 11 May 2022

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